Easy Hacks For Wealth Creation

1. Spend your money through a Credit Card

Yes! Don’t be surprised, but remember to pay your bill on time. Use a credit card to pay for your expenses, since you get as much as 50 credit free days. You also accrue miles or rewards points. However, ensure that you have a limit and are prompt with your bill payments.

2. Run a Side Hustle

Each one of us has some talent and the internet allows for monetization of that talent. Put your content online or offer your services on a freelancer website in order to diversify your streams of cash flow!

3. Never let your money rest in a savings account, invest in liquid funds

These are funds from which you can withdraw within a day! You earn higher returns and most importantly, if you can’t see it, you won’t spend it. Try Moneyjar’s Savings Jar.

4. Switch from a Fixed Deposit to Debt Mutual Funds:

NOW! Higher returns, no premature withdrawal penalty and no TDS Deduction. Check Moneyjar’s Savings Jar.

5. Save Tax:

By investing in Tax Saving Equity Mutual Funds. Moneyjar allows you to invest in tax saving funds.

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