Why Should You Invest With Moneyjar

When it comes to investments, everyone wants to tread with caution. Having said that, mutual funds have made their way into people’s consciousness as a superior form of personal investments. Moneyjar couldn’t agree more. We let you invest in well researched mutual funds so your money can work for your goals. But for those who still need more convincing, here’s why you should choose to invest with Moneyjar.


  • The bedrock by which we conduct ourselves as a company is the safety of user’s data and their investments.
  • Most importantly, all your data is secured by bank-grade SSL security on our website.
  • All the money you invest never ever passes through our account ever! It goes directly to the mutual fund house whose schemes you invest in. Moneyjar is holding all the investments in your name.
  • We have partnered with the Bombay Stock Exchange, one of India’s biggest exchanges. Moneyjar executes all transactions through them ensuring safety, convenience and reliability.
  • We are regulated by AMFI (The organization that runs the Mutual Fund Sahi Hai campaign), the nodal body for mutual funds in India.
  • Mutual funds are heavily regulated and are by far one of the safest investment avenues available in India.

Basket of Funds, not individual mutual funds:

  • Most online websites offer you a menu card of mutual funds to choose from and the only metric they use to recommend funds is historical performance. Investing in funds based on historical performance alone is by far the biggest mistake you can make. Read more about this here.
  • We provide no DIY option (yet) instead suggest jars (basket of mutual funds) tailored towards specific and easily understood goals or thoughts (For eg. Saving Tax, Investing in Global Stock Markets, etc.)

Sophisticated Research-Driven Methodology to select recommended funds:

  • Our intensive process-driven mutual fund research, which we consider both an art and science, is something we are extremely proud of and consider our greatest asset.
  • We don’t merely select historically top performing funds and show them to you. We but do a deep dive and aim to find hidden gems – funds that may or may not have done well in the past but ones which we feel will outperform in the future.
  • Some of the funds we have on our website are not commonly noticeable funds. This is done to ensure that our users earn the highest returns while taking the least amount of risk for a particular goal.

Constant Monitoring:

  • While Investing, committing to the act of investment is only half the job, it is extremely important to constantly monitor your portfolio and replace/rebalance your investments as and when required.
  • Moneyjar does the heavy lifting for you. We constantly monitor your portfolio and when our research indicates that any of the existing funds might underperform in the future we let you know and give you a choice to switch voluntarily.
  • This is extremely important as it is common for funds to change character which affects performance. Read more about this here.

Moneyjar provides a compelling alternative to choose-yourself mutual fund investing websites. We provide highly contextual “jars” tailored to specific needs, mutual funds that outperform and a monitoring system that ensures you are always invested in the optimal funds. All of this contributes to higher returns for your investments and a great overall investing experience, even for first-timers.

Happy Investing!

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  1. I have few Mutual funds (>50 L), I have neither time nor knowledge to manage the funds. Do you have some advisory service to help me. Most of my funds are direct funds. Please let me know the details if you have some service to manage this.

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