Thoughts on Time/Money (and how that can help you)

  • Time and Money are the two currencies of the world.
  • You can spend money to create time and you can spend time to create money.
  • Every activity you undertake is concerned with the consumption or creation (earning) of time or money.
  • For most people, the aim is to maximise the consumption of time and money. However, this is only a means to an end.
  • This consumption of time and money (means) is used to generate happiness, pleasure and meaning in life (end goal). For example, going on a vacation to Europe by consuming time and money provides you with pleasure.
  • Think of investing as not an end in itself, but as a means to increase time and money available for consumption which in turn is a means to derive pleasure and happiness.
  • The more time or money is earned or created, the more is available for consumption.
  • A great financial advisor will help you save time and create more money, all else being equal.

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