What is Moneyjar (and why you should care)

You are 28 years old and have worked full-time for a fair number of years.

You have finally reached a point where, after all, your EMI instalments are debited and all your expenses (bars, bills, and bais) are taken care of, you still have money left in your account at the end of the month.

It starts piling up in your savings account month after month, and after a few people tell you to “invest”, you go to your local bank branch to figure out what to do with your money.

You are directed to a guy behind the desk who is busy getting someone else to sign a plethora of forms and remarking – “abhi check bhi lagega madam”. Absentmindedly, he looks at you when you say you need advice on how to invest some savings that you have.

Your watch’s brand is slyly checked, you are asked “kitna invest karneka hai”, the degree of your financial ignorance is ascertained and you are shown a list of mutual funds with the highest 1-year returns as if it were a menu card. Not once are you asked – what are you trying to invest for, what your goals are or what circumstances would influence your investing decisions.

You are sold the mutual funds that get the RM the most incentive bonus, and the bank the biggest commissions. Even worse, you are goaded into buying a ULIP or money back insurance plan (“investment plus insurance sir”)

Reluctantly, you make the investment and start noticing after a few months that they seem to be extremely inappropriate choices for you. The mid-cap mutual fund falls 15% and you needed this money after a year! The insurance plan has a lock-in period of 7 years! You try calling the bank RM, but all you get is unanswered calls or dodgy excuses.


Moneyjar will provide an online end-to-end investment platform that not only makes it extremely easy and rewarding to manage your savings but also remove all forms of human biases and profiling that typically takes place with conventional touch-points for investing.

We will not look at your watch or try and swindle you if we feel you are not financially savvy. Whether you enter 2,000 or 20,00,000 in the investment amount column, we will provide you with the same sincere, performance-oriented and tailored advice. We will provide you with the best mutual funds that are customized exactly for your circumstances and we will help you transact easily and completely online.

We will hold your hands even once you are done with your investment. We will provide a platform where you can check the value of your investments 24/7. We will advise you if we feel a particular mutual fund is not performing well and needs to be switched to a better performing one. If you enter a goal, we will let you know when you are not on track to reach it. We will allow you to stop SIP’s or withdraw your money with a click of the button and not by making you go through an uncomfortable phone call to your advisor asking him to withdraw your funds.

We will not call you endlessly before you’ve made an investment hounding you to complete the process even when you are not sure about it. We will always be ready to take YOUR call before or even AFTER you’ve made an investment to clear out any doubts you may have.

We will not sell you the riskiest mid-cap funds even though it is completely inappropriate for you just so we can earn more revenue. We will champion the cause of debt and liquid funds (mutual funds whose returns are not connected to the stock market and have a risk profile closer to that of fixed deposits).

We will never recommend you a mutual fund just because it has earned high past returns. In fact, that makes us a little weary. We will thoroughly research the funds we recommend and prefer ones that we think will do well going forward.

Moneyjar is a labour of love, deep financial and technological acumen and extreme attention to detail. Use us and see how we can truly help you not just earn great returns on your investments, but also fundamentally alter your savings and investment habits. We will help you save time, make appropriate investment choices and earn higher returns.

We are Moneyjar.

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