Mutual Funds – An Introduction

The idea of saving money and investing it is ingrained in the Indian society. As children, we all remember going to a nationalized bank with our parents/ grandparents for renewal of fixed deposits or withdrawing the interest earned. As years went by, the avenues of investment underwent a change. Investments such as equity, real estate […]

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Why selecting mutual funds based on past performance is a bad strategy

Mutual funds which were once frowned upon are now a common household name. Investors in India alone have invested more than 23 Trillion Rupees in mutual funds. However, a fair chunk of that money might be riding on wrong assumptions. Here’s the thing, the famous/infamous investment clause “Past performance is not an indicator of future returns” […]

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How to start investing?

So you’re adulting now and you decide that you want to “start planning for your future”, huh? But you have no idea on how to start investing. Alright then! Here’s a step by step guide on how to invest and where STEP 1 – Medical and Life Insurance: Firstly, get a good medical insurance policy. […]

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Easy Hacks For Wealth Creation

1. Spend your money through a Credit Card Yes! Don’t be surprised, but remember to pay your bill on time. Use a credit card to pay for your expenses, since you get as much as 50 credit free days. You also accrue miles or rewards points. However, ensure that you have a limit and are […]

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Save Tax With Investments

Have you found yourself running around in February/March desperately trying to make ANY tax saving investment to save your salary form the brutal tax deductions? PRO TIP! Start planning your tax saving investments from May itself to avoid hasty last-minute decisions and also gain from your investments throughout the year. Remember the following when making […]

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